Classic solitaire: a classic game to play

Are you fond of your kings and queens? Do you enjoy cards? Then solitaire is the game for you! Also solitaire is a game of patience. Perhaps this is the same reason why solitaire is a type of patience card game.

What is solitaire?
Before you play solitaire, that is going to become a medicine for your boredom, mind knowing a little about its history? No? Alright!
History of solitaire
Solitaire is most probably of German or Scandinavian origin. By the 19thcentury, it had reached France where it was rumored to be a game that Napoleon himself liked to play. Later still, it migrated to England and further down to the USA and Canada.
In fact, classic solitaire is known as Klondike, a term derived from the region of the same name where the Canadian gold rush happened.
Legacy of solitaire
Since time immemorial, card games have entertained the aristocrats and the masses alike.
A deck of cards can still be found anywhere from the tables of European royalty to a bunch of men drinking beer in the bar. Yes, cards have such a universal appeal.
The Klondike cards were even used as tarot cards for fortune telling at some point of the timeline.
Evolution as a computer game
It is not surprising that a card game, with such a mass appeal, would be marketed as a computer game. The Progress Exchange published the first known computer version of the game.
The software version of Klondike titled Solitaire was available to all kids of the 1990s, who ever got to play with their Dad’s personal computer. Before the advent of ipads and androids, this was what entertained you on summer afternoons.
So initially, Microsoft Windows included the game by default in all the PCs that you brought home.But, as you type down the latest report for your meeting, you must be too busy to notice that solitaire is not included as part of your MS windows feature .It has to be downloaded.
Online solitaire
Today solitaire has outgrown its popularity, and like everything popular on the internet, it is a serious game to indulge in. Believe it or not but there are world solitaire championships!
What is better is that free solitaire is now available and you can play it to your heart’s content from anywhere you would like to! So what are you waiting for? Just grab that mouse by its tail and click them away. click here to get more information free online solitaire.