Did you try amazing ubersnap photobooth services?

Did you recently visit a birthday party where guests posed in front of a stationary camera and instantly received an animated GIF print? Or Maybe in a corporate event? Well, most probably what you saw was an UberSnap Singapore PhotoBooth. We have developed this interesting new technology feature to add a unique experience to corporate or fun parties. An UberSnap PhotoBooth is what you require to make your party stand out.

Even if you have never experienced this before, you can watch an introduction video at our website UberSnap. This is a trending new party add-on service which is getting good popularity since release. The photobooth created by us will allow you to have an instant GIF print of your valuable moments. We will also arrange for required costumes and probs. Adding more fun to your party is what we are targeting right now.

Our PhotoBooth Services Singapore will install a booth at your party location. You or your guests need to simply enter the booth and pose for a click. You can get unlimited prints within the duration you have hired our services for. The installed printer will generate a special 3D print of your pose instantly. This GIF print looks like a magical video print as shown in Harry Potter movie. I am sure you remember that newspaper photo print in the movie.
We offer many customized offers for your facility. Our quotes vary depending upon the time duration for which you need the printer. You can also ask for an additional printer if you are expecting large number of guests. With our ubersnap photobooth services you can make sure to provide your guests with an unforgettable party experience which they might have never experienced before. You will also receive digital copies of all your clicks at the end of given event.