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Why add Fearful Films to our family of Halloween websites? Because we haven't found any site on the web quite like this one, dedicated to scary movies that are great to watch around Halloween or any other time of the year!

As a member of the Halloween Online Family of Web Sites, Fearful Films was created to fill this terrible void and to provide info on what we consider the best in spooky films!

At its core, Fearful Films is a guide for helping people get to see what's out there, what's available and where they can find these great movies.

TV Guide listed us as they're favorite site (See excerpt below).

Fun and Frights on the Web
Whether getting ready to slap on a ghoulish grin or a bright red nose, monsters and clowns alike should head to the Net for some scary laughs and fun. We've put together a few devilish delights to help you get into the spooky spirit.

For pretty much everything else you could possibly want, surf over to Halloween-Online.com, a site that bills itself as the "Internet's largest Halloween resource." The site lives up to the lofty claim handily, offering articles on subjects like pumpkin carving, how to create a haunted yard, a safety guide and more, all with illustrative pictures and purchase links.

Our favorite feature on the site is the "Fearful Films" section, which can also be reached at FearfulFilms.com, a database of scary films organized by topic — vampires, witches, ghosts, zombies and the like — with short reviews and a skull rating system! Perfect for selecting a film for a fright-filled night! Tanya L. Edwards

We now sell most of these movies here, just click on the DVD cover or text link to take you to the store.

Halloween Movies



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