Highlights of a New Launch of A Property

Imagine a home where you can be yourself, comfortable, serene and elegant. However to most of Singaporeans, the imagination is no longer aa dream, it is within a fingers reach. Before the dawn of modern civilization, the only way to get a perfect property is through a property agent. But now, with the advancement of modern technology, more and more new launch of properties are making is way to the headlines of websites, social medias and tabloids. With websites such as ours, featuring new properties has never been more interactive and easy. Integrating Google Maps, 3d view of a unit provides clients the best immersive experience before the choose their perfect property.

You won’t believe what KingsFordWaterbay has it in store for you. Located the Upper Seranggoon View, This new launch of for sale property was developed by Kings Ford Property Development Pte. Ltd, It is a condominium type of property ranging from one bed room per unit, to 5 bead rooms per unit, and even strata semi-d. The price varies, itsdefinitely with considering the lowest price with a unit for one bed room for 967, 495$ to the highest for a 4 bedroom for a unit for 1,657,173. With a confirmed leasehold of 99 years, and a whopping 1165 units for sale, KingsFordWaterbay property might just the perfect new property for you.

Furthermore, residents will immerse in the fresh allure of the environment at Kingsford WaterBay. The enjoyment well be limitless, the property comprises fom a myriad of facilities, amenities and services. For instance, experience the with of water escapades, step into the peaceful Zen Garden and Ecological Pond, teeming with flora and fauna. Be one with nature as you gaze in awe of the Riverfront Home Kingsford Waterbay, a mesmeric view of 400 metres. This new property is the perfect property for a calm and collective residents. Lastly, the new property provides the perfect Zen-like meditative milieu.