How does malware destroy your computer

When you are online, you need to defend the system against malware. Infact, that is one of the most important things that you should do. There are different kinds of malicious programs such as keyloggers, viruses, Trojans, spyware, ransomware and so many other kinds of programs. Once these programs have access to the computer, they cause a lot of damage. There are various kinds of consequences like critical data getting lost, financial losses being incurred, identity theft and more.

Here are some ways how damage is sustained:
a) People call the avg support phone number as they have lost their data due to a virus or Trojan. Infact, not only files are deleted, sometimes even the hard drive is wiped out when these Trojans or viruses are activated. However, if you contact the avg tech support number early and install the antivirus program, you can catch the infection and even though some files which have been infected will need to be deleted, you will save the rest of the data. Some viruses however are usually dormant for a specified period before they get activated. This way, there are chances that even backed up files are infected.
b) The avg technical support phone number is also contacted by people who have suffered account theft. There is different malware which have key logger functions. These steal passwords as well as accounts from the victim. The malware in such cases usually also sends emails to various family and friends and this in turn infects their computers.
c) Botnets are also another method where the computer is converted into a bot by the malware and is used to send out bulk emails or to crack passwords. These kinds of infections may not even be realized by the owner unless they monitor the CPU usage or checks the here to get more information AVG phone number.