How to choose a good paintball mask?

Are you in the market for a paintball mask and not sure how to go about buying it? Here are some simple tips that will let you narrow down your paintball mask selections a little easier than before you read this article.

To start off with, we recommend that you set aside a budget to buy a paintball mask. As a bare minimum, we think you must have at least $50 for a paintball mask. If you can spend as much as $200, it will be fantastic as you can buy nothing but the best paintball masks out there. Whatever you do, please don’t buy a mask that costs $30 or worse, even less. These masks will give you protection but will be very uncomfortable to wear. It will also mean that you won’t buy paintball mask anti fog models as masks with anti-fog properties will cost at least $70 or more.

After the budget, try to decide if you need a visor type mask or a full face mask. A visor type mask will allow to enjoy a mask that gives you great performance benefits, but with a little less protection than what a full face mask can offer. If you have been hit in the face in a paintball game before, we highly recommend that you choose a full face paintball mask as it will prevent a nasty hit again.

The lens you choose also plays a huge role in the paintball mask that you wear. In fact, the importance of a lens is so much that you can make an ordinary paintball mask a great paintball mask, by upgrading the lens. Generally, all paintball masks will give you the option to swap out your lenses, sometimes in as little as 20 seconds.

The last piece of advice we will give you is that you try the paintball mask that you want to buy. Buying online gives you great convenience. But, if you have an irregular sized head or a head that is not average size, it is highly recommended that you wear the mask you want before you buy it.