How to mob your floorboard (põrandalaud)

Many people do not use their door lining board (Voodrilaud) and so they have doors that are not straight and doors that are not square in shape. To ensure that you have a straight door, you need to fit the lining perfectly in a way that the frame itself is straight. To clean any wooden surface by the use of mobs, one need to make sure that the mob is very dry, making it dry so well that it basically has no element of water. This is surely impossible, except it is bought new, or dried for a very long period of time. This has to be done to make sure that while cleaning the mob is as dry as it can be made. Allowing a lot of water on the wood surface can damage it in no time.

Talking about floorboard (põrandalaud), while mobbing your wood surface, you must make sure that you mob by following the grain this ensures and makes sure that you pick up as much as possible dirt that might be on the floor. This makes mobbing effective and easier. There are specific floor solutions that can be used to clean your floor, some people use water in combination with vinegar. It should be noted that water should not be used with anything harsh like ammonia or bleach. It is better to use a dedicated solution to clean your floor, just a little soap in water will do.

For sawn timber (saematerjal)to be cleaned accurately, and for the surface to come back gleam and beautiful like new. One will have to clean with soft solutions, coupled with the right mob. Not all kinds of wood can use hard mobs, only hard woods can permit such. There are various kinds of mobs available for different kinds of wood surface.