Important features of FIFA football video games

There are several important features of this FIFA 18 Mobile football game. Following are some of them

• The game includes different types of awards.
• There are possibilities of changing one’s country or represent a country or club and receive glory and award.
• There are strategies and freedoms that can be applied with the help of new engines.
• There is an option to connect with one’s entire friend list present on Facebook and play this game with them and complete.
• The animations are awesome with a 3-dimensional graphics which makes the complete scene an extraordinary one.
• The appearance of the players in a FIFA 18 Android can also be altered and customized according to the user’s choice.
• There is facility to sync the progress with the help of Google Cloud Play
This game is also playable on other platforms, for example, IOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and many more. It can be played on tablets, mobiles, PCs, laptops and similar all types of devices. Out of the teams selected by a user of this FIFA 18 Mobile game, only the best will make it to the final and can win the championship just as it happens in real life championship. This makes the gameplay more exciting. The biggest advantage is that this game is playable on all devices of android which have an Android version of 4.0 or higher. Thus there is no need to spend extra on purchasing the latest smartphones in order to play this game. Due to the presence of latest technologies this game has seen new players flooding in while there are previous players who are still in love with this game as the main gameplay was some similarities with its previous versions. Thus the older players of this game have never thought of leaving the game as with increased versions the game has got better.