Knowing various categories of movies (หนัง) that exist

Films (หนัง) have many categories, there are some called, horror movies (หนัง) while others are called cult movies, there are various categories that makes people classify them as what they are. For example, the horror movies (หนัง) are the scary ones. In Africa, Nigeria to be specific, parents do not allow their kids to watch this kind of film, because they end up getting scared. For cult genre of film, one of the things that make them classified as a cult movie is the number of people that are following it. This kind of movie usually have a very large crowd following it, asides this, there is a level loyalty attached to the movie from its fan base. It has been noticed that such movies have fans all over the world that dress like the casts used in the movie.

movies online (เว็บดูหนัง) sometimes have their ideas clashing with the moral values that a community stands for, in the sense that producers sometimes want to make something morally acceptable in the community. Some other ones makes people have an evidence to stand against what they once stood for. There is this way the “moving pictures” get to influence the people that watch it.
It is often said that you become what you watch, what you see, because the sub conscious mind continues to work. It makes sure that those ideas of what you see becomes morally acceptable to you and they eventually appeal to you, even if at first , you did not agree to them. Most movies produced in Thailand or by their producers are such that were produced to correct some problems in their society. In most areas of the world, this is the case, they sometimes center on what next to correct in the society. Many movies on are like this.