Luxurious facilities at skiathos villas


The luxury villa in skiathos is popular for their beautiful villas and its features. They offer you with great facilities. You get a well-furnished villa which is three floors and also has a terrace. It has garden and popular. The beach and supermarket is also near your villa. The villa doesn’t have a mailing address as it is in the urban area but it is easy to find once you get guidance of someone. The villas are much popular and it is advisable to book them well in advance. You are offered with cleaning and maintenance facilities.

Bathroom facilities

You are giving the hair dryer and that also each bathroom has one hair dryer so you don’t need to worry of carrying a hair dryer with you. They make sure that all the necessary things are offered to you. Moreover, they offer you with the facility of pre booking facility which includes the list of thing which you may need. You will have to pay for it once you reach. They have the large covered terrace which has a teak table and o s perfect for large groups. Even if you have more than 12 people then also you can adjust into it. There are the dishes are provided in sufficiency.

You also have a washing machine and then you can wash your clothes on your own and also offered with ironing board and iron. The Greek luxury villa has the air conditioning throughout the villa. That is what is offered to them for the comfort and they have the high performance air conditions in bedrooms and lounges.the villas are also suitable for babies and it is completely safe for them. The villa is equipped with the high chair and with the cot for the babies comfort and safety bed is also offered.