Racing Clutch is Made in a Different Way

While in a normal clutch, the focus is more on the comfort racing cars have different needs. The normal clutches are larger and bulkier. Therefore, compared to a normal clutch, a racing clutch is made in a very different way. The dimension of a racing clutch is of prime importance and so sufficient attention has to be paid to it. There may have to be certain adjustments to be made for fitments but these are only the ones that can take care of a grueling race in progress, not the ordinary ones. This type of special clutches can be available for all types of racing cars and therefore racing teams prefer them due to the following aspects.

• The engineering need to be understood – Reduction in the weight and Moment of Inertia (MoI) is greatly desired for a competition clutch and therefore this must be achieved. This is important so that shift duration can be kept as low as possible along with engine acceleration that should be kept sufficiently high that can aid in a race. If the clutch diameter is reduced by using certain specific materials for the purpose then the weight and MoI can be decreased and that can be pretty helpful in a racing environment.
• Certain materials can be suitable for lining – There are certain materials that are specifically used for manufacturing a motorsports clutch. Sinter pad, carbon and sintered material can be the best for making this type of clutch and hence is highly desired for the purpose. Sintered linings have twice the temperature resistance to that of organic linings while carbon has around six times the thermal resistance that can be required. Moreover, it is quite light weight and that can be beneficial.
This type of clutches is made in a very different way than the conventional ones and is hence highly desired by most racers around the world.