Seek and Store the Unfindable Pictures with Pirater Snap

Pictures: a depiction of the memories that one wants to be with them for so long as one wants. Gone are the days when pictures used to take days to develop and then share. Clicking pictures and sharing them in real-time has become easier than ever in the 21st century.

One can click a snap and share with cronies in seconds now.

Every generation has its own revolutionary inventions and discoveries that put a dent in the world. Whilst camera revolutionized the capturing of time, a cell phone revolutionized the way people communicated. A marriage between the two brought a different revolution altogether. Snapchat in this scenario just upped the way people clicked pictures and shared with friends in real time.

What did Snapchat do?

The modern day man can click a picture and share it with friends in a jiffy, regardless of the distance. Snapchat let people share images and short videos in real time.

The cherry on top of this real time sharing is the availability of the all those crazy filters that the users can apply while taking the pictures or shooting the videos.

Pirater snapchat, the rescuer!

However, the drawback with sharing on Snapchat is that the shared images could not be stored. This was a feature that was unavailable even on the paid version of the application as well. Hence pirater snap came into existence that allows people to find the shared and received images and short videos by any user by a few keystrokes.

People seeking images and short videos on Snapchat can find them with just the username. This could be done either on a personal computer or through the cell phone as well.

It runs a series of codes that help the seeker find- or rather hack- the images that are not be be found on any hard drive or cloud.