Up gradation of technology and marketing tools: proximity marketing beacons

The performance of any product in the market place depends upon the marketing and advertisement strategy of the product. The marketing strategy works only when the retailer or dealer get to know the exact need of the customers and when a customer comes to know closely about the company and its products. proximity marketing beacons device is the mode of connecting the retailers’ customers and company persons to the single link where they get know about each and every detail about each other and notify the updates about the product and its offers.

Working technology of proximity marketing beacon
The beacon devices are completely technology based devices which connect to the people on the basis of Bluetooth connectivity. It is a simple wireless Bluetooth device which gets connects to the mobile application and triggers the location access of the user. Through this platform, they get connected to each other and get to share the updates about each other.
The proximity marketing beacons technology helps in the advertisement and marketing of any company and sends the hyper conceptualized texts to the users connected to it. This is effective marketing tool which is opted by many big and small product companies and retailers.
Businesses that work with beacon technology
Many types of business and advertisement can be connected to the beacon world of technology and there are some of the businesses which are benefited to an extent level and are set the example to urge maximum profits with the help of technology:

• Storefronts like restaurants, boutiques, salons and fitness clubs like small stores share their special offers, discounts and festive sales and deals through the bacon technology with their customers.
• Many service provider including plumbers to cable operators uses proximity marketing beacons to get updated about their need and reach whenever they are called by the customer.